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Inspiring Ideas for Workplace Wellness

Maybe you’re looking for ways to stimulate productivity in your office or simply offer a boost to the happiness and health of your staff. Whatever the reason, if ensuring wellness at work is on your agenda there are plenty of businesses offering innovative solutions.

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From massages, mindfulness and standing desks, there's plenty of different ways to help keep your staff happy, healthy and productive. Check out some of the latest trends in workplace wellness as advised by those in the know.

  1. Workplace workouts

    Some workplaces are now installing gym equipment as a means of offering employees the opportunity to keep fit and motivated. A comprehensive range of gym equipment for corporate environments is available from Victoria-based fitness equipment supplier Leisure Concepts, which supplies top-quality branded fitness equipment to commercial and personal customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. The light, compact cardio and strength equipment for offices comes complete with the latest technology so workers can track their fitness progress.

    They recommend the First Degree Fitness selection of rowing machines for corporate environments short on space. ‘The sight, sound and feel of water churning through the tank of an indoor water rower can be invigorating,’ explains Leisure Concepts. ‘It allows your senses to think you are rowing down a river, whilst providing a full body workout.’

  2. Sit stand desks

    Office workers sit for long hours in their jobs, which can lead to a variety of health issues, recent research has shown. The advantage of a sit stand desk is that it enables workers to change their posture from sitting to standing whenever they want without having to interrupt their work.

    Ergomotion® Pty Ltd has seen an increased demand for sit stand desks in Australian offices. ‘The demand has come from people being more proactive in their health and recognising the risks associated with sitting for long periods of time,’ says one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of electric height-adjustable sit stand desks.

    It’s the change in posture and movement throughout the day where benefit is gained says Ergomotion® Pty Ltd. ‘Standing all day also has its risks so being able to adjust easily throughout the day is the healthiest way to work.’

  3. Build your team

    Team building can help improve workplace culture by letting employees know they are valued and recognised by the company, as well as providing additional mental stimulation as employees rise to the challenges. The focus on teamwork and collaboration could lead to colleagues getting to know each other better, fostering a friendlier, happier office environment.

    A wide variety of fun and unique team building events are offered by Uplift Events who specialise in tailored corporate teambuilding programs. Since its establishment in 2005, the company has organised over 2,000 teambuilding events for clients across a number of industries.

    Uplift Events has been working to educate clients on recognising the importance of building a healthy and positive team culture through corporate team building events. They empower employees to use their skills and work together away from the usual workplace setting.

  4. Reward your staff with a corporate massage

    Decreasing stress in the workplace is the aim of 2 Hands Corporate Massage. The company now has qualified therapists based in most major cities nationwide, providing massages of between five and 30 minutes in the workplace.

    ‘Incorporating massage into your workplace health and wellness program is a simple and inexpensive way to reward staff whilst reaping the benefits both long-term and short-term,’ say the masseuses. They explain that regular massage treatments could help to decrease stress and relieve muscle tension, both of which may be caused by long days at the office. If your employees are more relaxed they may also be more open and communicative, creating a happier office culture.

    As your employees may be one of the most valuable assets your organisation possesses – corporate massage is one way to make them feel valued and appreciated.

  5. Corporate wellness services

    If you’re looking for a range of workplace wellness services, there are now businesses specialising in complete packages. NSW-based Absolutely Corporate provides a variety of health and wellness services to workplaces throughout Australia. The company’s corporate wellness programs include massage, fitness, yoga, mindfulness and meditation as well as workplace stress management. Programs can be tailored to meet the needs and budget of each business.

    The Workplace Stress Management course is held over six weeks and covers mental health, mind power, nutrition, exercise and resilience. Course like these aim to give employees the tools necessary for helping to manage stress in the workplace. They can also assist in promoting leadership and effective group-work qualities.

    Absolutely Corporate says that their courses ‘work hand-in-hand with workplace structures designed to reduce stress, in ensuring individuals have the toolkit to personally manage stress in the most efficient manner.’

  6. More than just massage

    ‘Corporate massage is not just about physical touch,’ say the Directors at Seated Massage Pty Ltd. ‘It’s also about the unsaid aspects of caring, listening (with ears and hands), trust and the simple gift of giving someone undivided attention.’ Offering massages while at work is a simple way you could make employees feel more valued in the workplace.

    Apart from being designed to allow individuals to quickly let go of stress, Seated Massage says that its service can also be a place for people to unburden a little and share their personal or professional pains with their practitioner.

    Seated Massage offers short, safe and effective massage treatments that can be performed on employees in the workplace. The service has been providing massages to workers in cities across Australia since 1993.

  7. Back and joint pain awareness

    Back and joint pain could plague some of your employees, causing discomfort and unhappiness and potentially impacting productivity. Fortunately today there are many resources to help with back pain relief and the growing importance of prevention. Bad Backs is one such resource that has been selling therapeutic back and joint pain products online and in-store since 2001.

    They’ve noticed a trend over the past decade, with workers keen to be more empowered with what products work best for them in their workplace, whether it’s an office, laboratory, outdoors, retail or home office.

    Bad Backs Founder, Felicity Wood, says product innovation abounds in this field, from the humble mouse to active seating, treadmill desks to NASA’s zero gravity concept in recliners. This is just a taste of help that’s out there for both prevention and pain relief.

  8. Physiotherapy and workplace injury prevention

    ‘Making your workplace ergonomically friendly could improve safety and reduce the risk of injury for your employees,’ says The Ergonomic Physio. This team of physiotherapists and OHS consultants specialise in workplace injury prevention and ergonomics. They offer ergonomic assessments, training and workshops, as well as ergonomic office design and equipment consultancy.

    ‘Prolonged postures such as sitting at a desk all day result in an accumulation of physical strain, leading to overuse injuries, and impacting workplace productivity,’ say the physios. ‘By improving workplace ergonomics, many of these injuries can be prevented rather than having to be managed.’

    An ergonomic assessment by a physiotherapist enables employees to discuss any current injury concerns with a trained professional. Workplace ergonomics can then be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual employees.

  9. Get the team together with interactive challenges

    Do you see collaboration as vital in the workplace? One way to improve the way your employees work together is through interactive challenges. Teambuilding Company Be Challenged provides specific outcome-focused interactive programs to businesses throughout Australia, offering a fun way of building communication and teamworking skills.

    ‘Teamworking challenges enable employees to experience a different dynamic outside the workplace,’ says Be Challenged. They say this helps break down hierarchy barriers and improves interaction with colleagues of all levels. You may find that the improved communication remains once everyone is back in the workplace as the aim is for all of them to get to know each other better.

  10. A holistic approach to health

    Taking a holistic approach to the wellbeing of your workforce shows them you care about them as people, not just as workers, says the Holistic Services Group. The group, established in 2004, takes a holistic look at workplace health. They provide innovative, tailored wellness programs encompassing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health to provide an in-depth solution for each worker.

    Their philosophy revolves around understanding all the issues that contribute to a person’s health and wellbeing. They say by doing so employers could help workers find the solutions that lead to them becoming happier and more productive at work. Holistic Services Group offers wellness workshops and classes, annual health and wellbeing programs, leadership training, team building and keynote speakers.

    Workplace wellness is all about supporting the overall health of your employees. Putting measures in place to improve your workplace wellness could have a positive impact not only for those who work hard for you, but also on your business.