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Employee engagement tips for a more motivated office

Productivity can be affected by a number of factors. High levels of stress, confusion over roles and responsibilities and the lack of clearly defined goals are just a few. However, could your problems with productivity be pinned down to a different cause; disengaged employees?

The more engaged your staff is in their work and in your business, the better the outcome could be for everyone involved. Be inspired to get the most out of your team.

What is employee engagement?

Engagement, put simply, is the level to which employees feel part of the business, and will go the extra mile to be productive in the workplace. Engaged staff tend to feel an affinity to the organisation and, in return, may need less management and be more productive.

At best, disengaged staff may need to be monitored more closely and could be less self-motivated. At the other end of the spectrum, actively disengaged staff might deliberately work against your goals.

Employee engagement tips for a more motivated office

The business benefits of staff engagement

Staff engagement is one of the ‘holy grails’ of management. An engaged workforce is one that may be more motivated to self-manage and self-discipline – freeing up more management time. Three benefits of an engaged team may include:

  • A happy workforce
    When employees feel a sense of belonging and that the organisation gives back as much as they give, they may feel happier. This, in turn, can make for a more pleasant work environment.
  • More dedicated staff
    Staff who are engaged can feel more at-one with the organisation. They may even see the company’s success and their success as being intertwined. This could mean that they may be more motivated to go the extra mile to deliver quality work.
  • A clear understanding of your core values
    Ideally, an engaged staff will share the values of your organisation. Therefore, it is a good idea encourage them to embrace the corporate values to help entrench them in everyone’s behaviours. They should see a clear link between ‘giving’ and ‘getting’.

Getting the most out of your team

If this all sounds too good to be true, here are five employee engagement strategies you can try in your workplace.

  1. Give constructive feedback
    How do your employees know if their extra work is getting noticed? The answer is they may not know unless someone tells them. If you aren’t letting them know how well they are doing, or whether their work is appreciated and meeting or exceeding expectations, they may begin to wonder if working hard is worth the effort. A positive approach may prove helpful, and people generally prefer genuine, constructive, honest feedback.
  2. Keep skills up-to-date
    Staff may require additional training to complete new tasks. Check with your employees to make sure each level of your staff – from management through to frontline – is receiving the training they require to grow and succeed in their roles. It’s no use training someone in management skills if they’re not interested in pursuing this line of career progression.
  3. Lead from the top
    You may find that your employees may be more engaged by interacting with a personality instead of a faceless corporation. All eyes tend to be on those at the top of the pyramid, so you can encourage engagement by making sure your senior staff set a good example and interact with staff at all levels.
  4. Demonstrate respect and support
    Consider whether you want employees who feel respected as individuals, and who don’t feel like just a number on the payroll. Everyone needs support from time to time, so it’s a good idea to make sure your managers take the time to check on everyone’s welfare.
  5. Healthy bodies, healthy minds
    Are healthy staff happier, or do happier staff stay healthier? It can feel like a ‘chicken and egg’ situation, especially if the rate of absenteeism creeps up.

A corporate health insurance plan can help offer your employees the peace of mind that their health is looked after. Bupa’s corporate health plans are flexible to enable your employees to choose options that reflect their life stage, health requirements and budget.

Keeping productivity at the right level may not be easy and it certainly isn’t an exact science. However, simply beginning, or continuing, the process of employee engagement could see an increase in motivation and happiness in the office. Try these employee engagement strategies to help support, empower and encourage your employees to give their best possible performance.

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